Montociel Textile is a brand created by mom and daughter, offering not just stylish table textiles, but also a whole world of comfort and aesthetics, a lot of ready–made interior design options. The concept of the brand is based on an intellectual and aesthetic approach, as well as high eclecticism, which gives complete freedom of thought, and therefore freedom of style.

The basis of the brand can be described as “eclecticism in everyday life“. The brand’s products are made of high-quality fabrics, the finishing is done manually. Travel inspiration and a great love for their work makes Montociel Textile company unique in the textile market.

First of all, we want to show the aesthetics of a combination of styles, fabrics and prints, as well as how textile elements (tablecloth or bright lace towel) can add a special meaning, inspiration and comfort to your home.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try to combine styles, feel this freedom!

The founders of the Montociel Textile brand, Natalia Popova and Anna Kochegura